Bar & Steakhouse

The Linden Inn is a Bar & Steakhouse located in Stirling. The bar is open from 11am everyday with food serving from 12pm.  Please check our contact page for meal times. We strongly advise reserving your table in the restaurant if you’re planning to come for Friday and Saturday nights by calling us on 01786 450092. 

The Linden Inn specialises in cooked to perfection steaks just how you like it.  We have something for all the family and  those with a sweet tooth. We also have Vegan and Gluten Free options on the menu too. 

Main Menu

Tell us how you want it cooked. Our main menu includes a selection of steaks cooked to your perfection.

Kidz Menu

It would not be a steakhouse without giving the kidz menu the option of steak as well. 4oz steaks to choose from.

Gluten Free

We have a selection of gluten free meals but don't forget, all our steaks can be made gluten free as well.


Our sweet selection includes Gluten Free and Vegan options as well as all the family favourites.

Vegan Menu

Family favourites such as Nachos, Bruschetta and Fajitas all included on our Vegan Menu.

Cocktail Menu

We have a fully loaded bar with mouth watering cocktails on offer. Gather your besties and try them out.